Treatment Differences

A variety of treatment options exist and so does analgesic usage in Europe. Looking at the consumption of analgesics huge differences can be found regarding quantity and substances1. Strong opioids are commonly prescribed in Northern Europe whereas in the Southern European countries the consumption is comparatively low2.

A recently conducted market research study among 996 physicians (general practitioners, pain specialists, rheumatologists/orthopaedists, oncologists/palliative care specialists) in Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy and Sweden confirms that pain treatment differs markedly throughout Europe. The interviews were conducted from March to May 2009 by GFK Healthcare, Nürnberg.

Taking this into account it can be concluded that the main factors determining European pain treatment appear to be tradition and personal experience.

Observe the study results for severe chronic low back pain patients:


Weak Opioids
Strong Opioids

1IMS data, 2008
2 Breivik H et al.: Survey of chronic pain in Europe: prevalence, impact on daily life, and treatment. Eur J Pain. 2006; 10:287-333




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