The Pain Toolkit for people who live with persistent pain

A persistent pain problem can be difficult to understand and manage on an everyday basis. The Pain Toolkit is a simple information booklet that could provide you with some handy tips and skills to support you and your patients along the way to manage persistent pain.

It is meant as a handy guide to help patients to get started.

Pete Moore, who has persistent pain, asthma and osteoarthritis, has put these tools together with the help of friends, family and health care professionals - special acknowledgement to the Bradford pain Rehabilitation Programme team and NHS Kirklees PCT *.

The CHANGE PAIN Initiative has translated this toolkit into several European languages.


Now, the Pain Toolkit is considered as an e-paper.








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The Pain Toolkit is also available for download. Please choose your language:



The Pain Toolkit - English (4.34 MB)

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The Pain Toolkit - German (2.22 MB)
Der Schmerz-Werkzeugkoffer

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The Pain Toolkit - Dutch (2.68 MB)
De pijn-toolkit

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The Pain Toolkit - French (2.24 MB)
Trousse à outils contre la douleur

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The Pain Toolkit - Italian (2.23 MB)
La cassetta di pronto soccorso del dolore

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The Pain Toolkit - Swedish (1.88 MB)
En verktygslåda för smärthantering

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The Pain Toolkit - Spanish (5.43 MB)
Guía del manejo del dolor

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CHANGE PAIN - Meet the Expert:
Two patients share their view on pain management


Kay (patient ambassador) and Pete Moore (author)


Guides for Patients


CHANGE PAIN has developed guides for patients where you can find advice about steps patients can take to alleviate their pain. Here, you can download these guides.

 Guides for patients




The CHANGE PAIN Scale is an innovative pain assessment tool. It helps physicians and patients to set realistic expectations and individual treatment targets.





Pain Diary


Here you can download the CHANGE PAIN Pain Diary. It is designed to help you document your individual condition and gives you an overview of the therapy process.


Pain Diary



PAIN Questionnaire



The Pain Questionnaire helps patients to describe how their pain feels like, how it affects their life and where the pain is allocated.


PAIN Questionnaire