Pain can derive from many causes and is perceived very individually. Therefore an individual treatment is essential. In order to reduce your pain effectively, your active cooperation is vital.

The first step to change pain is to take your medication according to prescription. To evaluate the therapy and adjust it to your personal condition it is equally important to keep track of how effectively the analgesic reduces your pain.

Here you can download the CHANGE PAIN Pain diary. It is designed to help you document your individual condition and gives you an overview of the therapy process.

CHANGE PAIN continuously strives to create new practical tools that can support healthcare professionals and patients in managing chronic pain. Please visit us regularly to find the latest information.

Pain Diary Pain Diary

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CHANGE PAIN - Meet the Expert:
Two patients share their view on pain management


Kay (patient ambassador) and Pete Moore (author)


The Pain Toolkit

The Pain Toolkit supports healthcare professionals and their patients along the way to manage persistent pain...

 The Pain Toolkit



Guides for Patients


CHANGE PAIN has developed guides for patients where you can find advice about steps patients can take to alleviate their pain. Here, you can download these guides.

 Guides for patients


PAIN Questionnaire



The Pain Questionnaire helps patients to describe how their pain feels like, how it affects their life and where the pain is allocated.


PAIN Questionnaire