Patients experience pain for various reasons. It can be caused by e.g. due to surgical procedures, arthritis, degeneration of joints, bones or nerves, tumors or overstraining of muscles.

The most frequent reasons why patients suffer chronic pain are osteoarthritis, back pain and cancer related pain.


Osteoarthritis is the most widespread of all chronic joint diseases, making up half of all arthritic forms and being one of the most common reasons for analgesic treatment. The acute pain of early osteoarthritis often tends to fade within a year of its appearance, but may return and become chronic if the affected joint is overburdened.


Back pain
Back pain is not a disease in itself, but the symptom of many different types of underlying diseases. Causes for back pain are among others osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, herniated discs or muscle strains. In many cases the real cause of back pain cannot be definitely diagnosed. The precise diagnosis of back pain is difficult since there are a variety of symptoms. Back pain can have both nociceptive and neuropathic features.


Cancer-related pain
Cancer-related pain results from the treatment for cancer or from the cancer itself. Cancer-related pain depends upon type of cancer, the stage of the disease and the pain threshold (tolerance for pain) of the person with cancer mostly due to compression or infiltration of hollow organs, soft tissues, bones or nerves. But it could also be caused by the treatment or the tests done to diagnose cancer.



Pain Treatment

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Pain Classification

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