CHANGE PAIN is making a stand and taking important steps towards improving the knowledge on chronic pain. We welcome you to PAIN EDUCATION!

What is PAIN EDUCATION? PAIN EDUCATION is an interactive learning platform for healthcare professionals, offering both CME courses accredited by Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes (UEMS) and additional educational resources to improve the management of chronic pain patients. These educational tools are organized into the following sections:

eCME Courses

  • Module 1: Assessing pain and physician patient communication
  • Module 2: Multi-modal management of chronic pain
  • Module 3: Mechanism-orientated pharmacological treatment of chronic pain
  • Module 4: Treatment of chronic back pain
  • Module 5: Neuropathic pain
  • Module 6: The chronification of pain
  • Module 7: Pain in the elderly
  • Module 8: Pain in patients with cancer

Teaching Slides

  • Teaching slides preview


  • Webinar associated with the symposium How Mechanisms Can Guide Your Approach to Chronic Low Back Pain: An Interactive Discussion. (The symposium was held in conjunction with the 14th World Congress on Pain® on 30 August 2012, in Milan, Italy).


  • Short non-accredited presentations on pain management topics

PAIN Compendium

  • Comprehensive online textbook on pain

Where can you find the PAIN EDUCATION program? PAIN EDUCATION is an online learning platform for healthcare professionals. As an online platform, PAIN EDUCATION is:

•  accessible, so that you can log in from anywhere at anytime

•  self-paced and flexible, so that you can learn at your own speed

•  interactive to enhance the learning experience


Why PAIN EDUCATION? The CHANGE PAIN initiative has recognized a need for enhanced PAIN EDUCATION, in order to improve the management of chronic pain by educating and helping healthcare professionals to:

•  acknowledge the need and importance of understanding underlying pain mechanisms

•  master the latest tools for diagnosing patients who suffer from chronic pain

•  learn about most appropriate treatment(s) for chronic pain patients




Pain Education Program


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Professor Hans Georg Kress


Need for Pain Education

Better education leads to more rational treatment decisions

Dr Gerhard H.H. Müller-Schwefe