PAIN Compendium

A comprehensive textbook of pain, its causes and therapy

The PAIN Compendium is an international textbook about pain and its therapy intended for healthcare professionals who are regularly facing patients with pain in their daily practice as well as for healthcare professionals and students interested in pain. It offers a good insight into the complexity of pain and the spectrum of treatment modalities by providing 27 chapters on the basics of pain management, treatment modalities, different clinical states and special cases. The authors are international experts in the area of pain management. They are physicians and scientists from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia and the US. The editor is Dr. Reinhard Sittl from Erlangen.

The PAIN Compendium is part of the PAIN EDUCATION program: it is a textbook of diverse disciplines and contains over 600 subchapters and more than 400 pictures.


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The chapters in “basics of pain management” provide information about the mechanism of pain, pain assessment and documentation and interdisciplinary pain management. The part “treatment modalities” contains chapters on medication like non-opioid and opioid analgesics, local anesthetics, and information about the proposed new class MOR-NRI, as well as special pain therapy with interventional or neurosurgical procedures. Physical medicine, sports therapy and psychological pain therapy are further topics. The “clinical states” chapters are dealing with several pain syndromes: acute and postoperative pain, back pain, cancer pain, headache and facial pain, rheumatologic pain as well as myofacial pain syndromes. Additional, the “special cases” like pain in the elderly or in children and pain management during pregnancy and lactation make the PAIN compendium complete.




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