Multidisciplinary approach in chronic pain management

The new practical guide is now available: 14 members of the international CHANGE PAIN® Advisory Board have collaborated in writing the booklet which consists of 12 chapters and is endorsed by the European Pain Federation EFIC®.

The newly published guide on multidisciplinary pain management discusses benefits for patients and physicians and provides practical insights on how to implement such an approach. A multidisciplinary team involves a primary care physician and different specialists like anesthesiologists, rheumatologists, neurologists, psychiatrists or psychologists, who may also have an additional specialization in pain management.


Listen to the comments of the authors:
Referral pathways: potential restrictions Communication between patients, primary care physicians and specialists Towards a multidisciplinary team approach in chronic pain management Benefits oft he multidisciplinary team for the patient


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Guidance for physician-patient communication is also provided in the PAIN EDUCATION program developed by the CHANGE PAIN® Initiative.

Moreover the authors emphasize the role of the patients themselves in optimizing referral pathways. It is crucial that patients with chronic pain are involved in the referral decision. Therefore the CHANGE PAIN® Initiative provides the Pain Toolkit: It contains useful advice and coping strategies in a clear and uncomplicated format which helps patients to play a more active role in the management of their chronic pain.


The core multidisciplinary team

Dr Gerhard H.H. Müller-Schwefe

Towards a multidisciplinary team approach in chronic pain management


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