CHANGE PAIN aims to enhance the understanding of severe chronic pain patients' needs and develops solutions to improve pain management.

To offer patients throughout Europe a more effective pain management at an early stage a deeper knowledge of the underlying mechanisms of pain, different pharmacological principles and further options is of high relevance to choose tailored treatment for the individual.

Pharmacological treatment is often limited by the occurrence of intolerable side effects before optimal analgesia is achieved. This is especially true for strong opioids, where physicians and patients are struggling to find a balance between adequate pain relief and acceptable tolerability. The resulting Vicious Circle often leads to reduced quality of life and treatment discontinuation.

Increasing the awareness of this Vicious Circle of pharmacological treatment of severe chronic pain and its impact on patients among the medical community could improve treatment efficiency.

The Vicious Circle can help physicians to better understand the mechanisms behind and finally improve severe chronic pain treatment.

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CHANGE PAIN seeks to achieve these aims by demanding better education regarding the mechanisms, prevention and pharmacological treatment of severe chronic pain.


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