Communication Training Nurses

More and more nurses play a crucial role in management of chronic pain and often the communication with patients is really very challenging. In this situation, the right communication can help nurses to answer to patients' questions in a professional manner.

In 20 minutes nurses can obtain some background about pain and pain therapy, and learn about dialogue techniques and theoretical principles, which they can apply in communicating with patients with persistent pain.


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The CHANGE PAIN Scale is an innovative pain assessment tool. It helps physicians and patients to set realistic expectations and individual treatment targets.





Patient Atlas Pain


The Patient Atlas Pain is intended to support physicians in talking to patients suffering from pain by providing readily understandable descriptions and explanations.

Patient Atlas Pain


LNP (Localized Neuropathic Pain) Screening Tool



The LNP Screening Tool is a DIN A6 pocket card with decision making questions for the correct diagnosis of localized neuropathic pain.

LNP Screening Tool