Vicious Circle Tool

CHANGE PAIN recognizes the challenges that healthcare professionals and patients are facing when trying to find the right treatment for managing pain. Often, the difficulty is to maintain the balance between adequate pain relief and acceptable tolerability, which can lead to the establishment of a ‘Vicious Circle’ - alternating between lack of efficacy and unpleasant side effects, prompting discontinuation of treatment in the end.

How to find the right balance between adequate pain relief and acceptable tolerability for a particular patient?

CHANGE PAIN presents you with a tool for better understanding and management of the Vicious Circle. By asking patients at consultations to evaluate their treatment experience on a scale with regard to ‘pain level’ and ‘side effects’ healthcare professionals can make better adjustments in their treatment choice. Here you can download the Vicious Circle Tool.




The CHANGE PAIN Scale is an innovative pain assessment tool. It helps physicians and patients to set realistic expectations and individual treatment targets.





Picture library


Free download of pictures: Illustrations on pain mechanism, clinical states, treatment modalities and more. For your presentation or lecture on pain.


Picture library



CHANGE PAIN Referral letter


The Referral letter of CHANGE PAIN helps physicians when referring a pain patient for care to another HCP. The core is the brief pain history with a numeric pain rating scale.

CHANGE PAIN Referral letter